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If you aren't at ARM TechCon this week then you might have missed our series of exciting announcements. To mark the occasion, ARM introduced the industry's most comprehensive offering of scalable, secure, efficient technology for the next phase of the IoT, enabling fast and secure deployment from chip to cloud. View in browser »

New ARMv-8M processors: Cortex-M33 & Cortex-M23
Licensed by the majority of the top 10 global MCU suppliers, ARM Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 are set to become the processors of choice for microcontrollers. These are the first processors to be based on the ARMv8-M architecture, and bring ARM TrustZone security to even the smallest of embedded devices, as Thomas Ensergueix shares in this blog.
Cortex-M33 & Cortex-M23 image

Platform security with TrustZone CryptoCell-312
ARM TrustZone CryptoCell-312 is a comprehensive security solution, serving multiple use cases in power and area constrained devices. Together with TrustZone, CryptoCell-312 can enable platform security, with capabilities such as true random number generation, key management, secure boot and various roots of trust.
CryptoCell-312 image

How to scale connected deployment
Device management is a key part of successful IoT deployment. ARM mbed Cloud is ARM’s first Software-as-a-Service, offering the capability to securely manage any device with any data cloud. Device-side capabilities are enhanced with mbed OS 5, the new platform OS built for IoT that brings 10x increase in developer productivity.
mbed Cloud image

Cordio radio
ARM Cordio radio IP expands support for the new Bluetooth 5 standard and 802.15.4, providing a low-power RF to stack solution supported on multiple foundries and nodes. It is an energy-efficient sub-one-volt radio, offering a flexible and configurable architecture. Learn more about the new Cordio architecture in Philippe Bressy's blog.
ARM Cordio radio IP image

Reading list

Embedded Computing Design 2016 ARM e-mag »
This e-mag tracks the evolution of development tools for the world's largest processor ecosystem, provides an update on the mbed OS, implementing TrustZone for v8-M, and more.

Bits and pieces will not do – IoT needs complete solutions! »
ARM's Prithi Ramakrishnan discusses the challenges of mixed signal IoT devices which inherit both RF/analog and digital IP. ARM Cordio radio IP offers a complete solution.

Three ARM development tools to help you pioneer the IoT market »
The race is on for next-generation secure IoT devices. Learn more about three ARM software development tools you should use to accelerate your go-to-market schedule.

Seeing the future of vision »
The embedded vision market is growing fast. As self-driving cars and other uses call for more sophisticated vision systems, what will the future bring?

Simplifying software separation with real-time virtualization »
ARM's James Scobie discusses software management in complex electronic systems across markets including automotive, industrial control, and healthcare.

Speed or accuracy? ARM shares insights on virtual prototyping »
Which is more critical for you: simulation speed or accuracy? In this Design Chronicle Blog, Cadence and ARM join forces on virtual prototyping.

Free ARM technical webinars

Real-time virtualization in the ARMv8-R architecture
9 November, 9am GMT / 12pm CDT
Interested in working with real-time virtualized systems? Join this webinar to learn about designing with the ARMv8-R architecture as implemented in the recently announced ARM Cortex-R52 processor.
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Using TrustZone on Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33
17 November, 9am GMT / 1pm CDT
The webinar will explain how to program secure and non-secure domains on a processor with TrustZone. We will show an RTOS application and the interaction of a non-secure thread execution with libraries provided by the secure domain of an ARMv8-M system.
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Efficient software on heterogeneous systems
18 November, 4pm CST
The NXP i.MX6 and i.MX7 series utilize a single or dual ultra-high efficient Cortex-A processor and a Cortex-M4 processor with floating-point unit. Learn about the benefits of these heterogeneous computing systems. This webinar will be in Mandarin.
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Adding Bluetooth 5 and 802.15.4 standards to your next SoC
29 November, 9am GMT / 12pm CDT
This webinar will explain how to minimize development costs and design risk for partners who have limited RF expertise. ARM's Cordio radio IP enables rapid design in Bluetooth 5 or 802.15.4 based standards (or both together) while reducing development time.
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Tech Symposia image
The ARM Tech Symposia are a series of annual events designed to showcase the latest ARM technology and bring together experts from across the industry.
  • October 31 (Mon) - Sheraton Hongqiao Hotel, Shanghai, China
  • November 2 (Wed) - Sheraton Dongcheng Hotel, Beijing, China
  • November 4 (Fri) - Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Shenzhen, China
  • November 15 (Tue) - COEX Intercontinental, Seoul, Korea
  • November 17 (Thu) - Sheraton Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
  • November 18 (Fri) - Ambassador Hotel, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • December 2 (Fri) - Tokyo Conference Center, Tokyo, Japan
  • December 7 (Wed) - ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru, India
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