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Happy New Year! 2016 was a milestone year for ARM, not least because we delivered on our promise to accelerate secure IoT from chip to cloud. We announced ARM Cortex-M processors based on ARMv8-M architecture with ARM TrustZone technology and launched ARM mbed Cloud, a Cloud-based service for secure management of IoT devices. We’d like to start 2017 with a recap of some of our webinar highlights below, which you can now watch on demand for free. View in browser »
ARM TrustZone webinar image ARM TrustZone - understanding system security.
ARM TrustZone CryptoCell webinar image How to protect systems with ARM TrustZone CryptoCell.
ARMv8-M webinar image The secret to accelerating your next ARMv8-M chip for IoT.
ARM Cortex-M0 webinar image Design your ARM Cortex-M0 IoT chip – for free.
Real-time virtualization webinar image Real-time virtualization in the ARMv8-R architecture.
Managing software complexity webinar image Managing complexity of software development on heterogeneous devices.
Design Start image

Reading list

Renault ARM announcement »
Renault announced a collaboration with ARM to open up the software and hardware architecture of its Twizy vehicle to allow new features, including interoperability with ARM-based connected devices. It promises to enable total customization of vehicles, and accelerate the development of bespoke auto components for connected car and ADAS applications.

Machine learning in low-power devices brings sound recognition to the smart home market »
This white paper addresses how AI and machine learning are used in the smart home market focusing on sound recognition, with the help of use cases and requirements across several end-device categories, and how Audio Analytic’s embedded software platform Artificial Audio Intelligence (ai3) can be used on low-power ARM Cortex processors.

Using TrustZone on ARMv8-M application note now available »
This application note explains the features that are available in CMSIS and MDK to utilize the secure and non-secure domains in the ARMv8-M architecture. It contains several programming examples, including an RTOS application that shows the interaction of non-secure thread execution with libraries that are provided by the secure domain of an ARMv8-M system.

Using ARM Models to Compare Compiler Performance »
One way to compare the different compilers and the various options of each compiler is to do some benchmarking with ARM Cycle Models. In his blog, ARM’s Jason Andrews uses example software from the Cortex-R8 CPAK to highlight the conversion from ARM Compiler 5 to ARM Compiler 6.

Embedded world image
Join ARM and hundreds of other exhibitors at embedded world 2017 to learn about the most important trends in the embedded technologies sector today. We’ll be presenting several key technical topics:
  • Software development in ARMv8-M Architecture
  • A practical approach to securing embedded & IOT platforms
  • High-end security for low-end microcontrollers: hardware security acceleration on ARMv8-M systems
  • Efficient next-generation embedded ARM TrustZone with ARMv8-M implementations
  • SoC debug and trace: improving availability and accessibility
  • Optimizing ARM Cortex-A and Cortex-M based heterogeneous multiprocessor systems for Internet of "Intelligent" Things
  • Utilizing the ARM TrustZone security hardware in Cortex-M23 and Cortex-M33 microcontrollers
  • Machine learning on deeply embedded and resource-constrained end-nodes for the Internet of Things.
Keep an eye out for more information about embedded world 2017 as it is released »

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