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Security in the embedded IoT world is this month’s hot topic, and we discuss the new mbed OS 5, e-commerce standards, medical and wellness monitoring, and the launch of a Cortex-A32 whitepaper. We have also opened registrations for ARM’s free technical webinars: “software development on heterogeneous devices” and “how to protect your systems with ARM TrustZone CryptoCell”. View in browser »

ARM TechCon 2016 technical papers announced
Following a record number of submissions, over seventy papers in nine categories have been selected for ARM TechCon (Oct. 25-27, Santa Clara). Check out Brian Fuller's blog for the highlights and some of his favorite titles, or view the complete list here. If you haven't already, register now to attend ARM TechCon 2016.
ARM TechCon 2016

E-commerce standard security for connected devices
ARM, Intercede, Solacia and Symantec recently assessed the security challenges of connecting billions of devices to realize the IoT. The Open Trust Protocol (OTrP) is the result of this collaboration, combining a secure architecture with trusted code management, building on technologies proven in large scale banking and sensitive data applications.
E-commerce standard

Securing medical & wellness data
The IoT promises a whole new dimension for healthcare, unlocking massive potential in diagnosis and treatment - but at the price of new risks to this critical data. Join ARM director of healthcare and emerging technologies Karthik Ranjan as he discusses some of these security risks, and mitigation strategies developed by ARM and our partners.
Securing data

Introducing mbed OS 5
Earlier this month mbed OS 5.1 was announced, with major changes including an RTOS, codeline merge and expanded target/toolchain options. The introduction of an RTOS into mbed OS and changes to tooling have allowed the possibility of compatibility with the mbed OS 2 (“Classic”) ecosystem. Now there is just one platform and one set of tools.
mbed OS 5

Cortex-A32 Whitepaper
This whitepaper explains how the ARM Cortex-A32 processor is an ideal stepping stone into the Cortex-A family for traditional Cortex-M products which can benefit from a richer operating system environment, or from the additional performance and features that Cortex-A processors can provide. Download the whitepaper here »
Cortex-A32 Whitepaper

Reading List

The powertrain evolution rolls on as CPUs develop
Automotive design is changing to meet increasing demands. ARM’s Richard York explains how ARM is meeting the powertrain evolution and if electrification has a future.
Read the Q&A »

Open standards to open up the IoT
Extension Media’s Caroline Hayes explains how a sound ecosystem advances open standards for the Internet of Things.
Learn more »

ARM Cortex-M for beginners
Senior embedded technology manager Joseph Yiu provides an update to his definitive whitepaper on the ARM Cortex-M microcontroller family.
View the whitepaper »

Is security a priority?
Semiconductor Engineering's Ed Sperling discusses security threats in safety-critical industries, including software vulnerability points and moving targets.
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Free ARM technical webinars

How to protect your systems with ARM TrustZone CryptoCell
19 September, 10am CEST / 11am CDT
Register now to find out how the platform security provided by ARM TrustZone CryptoCell can establish trust between devices, users and service providers.
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Software development on heterogeneous devices
28 September, 9am CEST / 11am CDT
Sign up for our free training webinar on how DS-MDK* simplifies software development by enabling Cortex-M/A bare-metal debug and Linux application debug in a single powerful tool.
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*NEW: DS-MDK support extended to NXP i.MX 6SoloX processors and Phytec i.MX 7 board. Learn more »



ENOVA Paris 2016
ARM is joining NXP's Smarter World Tour at Enova Paris.

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ST Developers Conf.
Join ARM at ST's free one-day summit in Santa Clara, CA.

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ARM TechCon 2016
Register to attend ARM TechCon 2016 in Santa Clara.

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