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Arm display solution - Powering what's next in VR and HDR smartphones

Higher frame rates, lower persistence, and 4K+ resolutions in 2019+ smartphones require a display architecture that excels in ultra-constrained power envelopes.

Arm’s new display architecture, Komeda, meets those challenges head on.

In this webinar you’ll meet some of Komeda’s architects who will take you on a deep dive into how the new architecture meets tomorrow’s smartphone display requirements.

Learn more about:

  • How Mali-D71 limits workload on a GPU – saving valuable system bandwidth
  • How the Mali-D71 display processor side-by-side mode delivers 2x pixel throughput for 4K120 VR performance
  • How to manage new video formats such as HDR, within the ever-shrinking mobile power envelope

View the recorded webinar and learn from the experts.