Webinar OnDemand

How to identify timing issues and power consumption using Arm Keil MDK’s Event Recorder

Understanding the dynamic operation of an embedded application during development is required to identify any potential timing and power consumption issues. Software components within Arm Keil MDK, such as the RTX real-time operating system, contain event annotations that help you to understand how an application operates during the development process. These events are shown in the Event Recorder.

Learn how to annotate your application code with events that provide detailed statistics about execution timing and energy consumption. This information allows you to optimize algorithms and compare changes, for example in automated build tests.

Topics covered in this webinar will be:

  • Overview of Event Recorder and the event annotations.
  • Use Event Recorder to gain a better understanding of the runtime behaviour of applications.
  • Optimize energy consumption of the application.
  • Compare algorithms for optimal microcontroller resource usage.