Webinar OnDemand

Optimize HPC - Application efficiency on many-core systems

Advancing the capability of high performance applications results in a faster rate of scientific discovery from the world’s most complex models and simulations. While directive-based programming paradigms such as OpenMP are quick and easy to add to an existing application, it is often difficult to find the best optimization strategy.

In this webinar, Florent Lebeau (Field Application Engineer at Arm), will demonstrate how — by focusing on multi-threading and on-node optimization — developers can help maximize application efficiency on many-core high performance computing (HPC) systems.

Topics covered include:

  • Multi-threading across all available cores to deliver best performance
  • How to identify and minimize thread-level synchronization
  • How to place threads to maximize cache occupancy and memory bandwidth
  • Using Arm’s performance analysis tools to help optimize applications on multiple architectures.