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Optimize HPC across platforms Vectorization, Why, When, How…

High performance computing (HPC) applications implement complex scientific models that will require many thousands of calculations to be performed during a realistic simulation. The advanced processing capability of modern CPUs are very well suited to this type of operation. In particular, the use of vector (or Single Instruction Multiple Data) based instructions in an application will help to fully exploit hardware processing capability. It is therefore important to understand how well your application is making use of vectorization.

In this webinar, Phil Ridley (Field Application Engineer at Arm), demonstrates how — by focusing on vectorization — developers can help maximize application use of a CPU's vectorization capability on HPC systems.

Topics covered include:

  • What is vectorization and why it is important for HPC applications
  • How to identify which regions within my application are utilizing vectorization
  • How to identify any regions that are not utilizing vectorization and how this might affect overall performance
  • An introduction to using Arm’s HPC tools for helping to analyze and optimize an application.