Webinar On-Demand

How Arm Platform Security Architecture and Trustonic can make IoT more secure

There is no denying the cost to businesses, in terms of both revenue and reputation, when insecure or counterfeit IoT devices enter the marketplace. Despite this, it is still a regular occurrence that security is often an after-thought for IoT devices, instead of being designed in from the ground-up. Security should be designed in at the start of the process. Arm has a range of solutions and programs, which enable comprehensive security, even into the smallest microcontroller chips and sensors. Trustonic makes use of these, delivering tools to make security simple, ensuring that only trusted or legitimate devices can access the sensitive assets within any system.

The first stage of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) program, instructs designers to carry out the threat modelling and security analysis (TSMA) process. This process can help instruct security that should be implemented at each stage of any design. It’s important to remember that security does not stop at the silicon level: during the lifecycle of any device, trust needs to be passed across different entities, whilst ensuring that data is not compromised.

In this on-demand webinar, Reed Hinkel (Senior Manager of Security Market Development, Arm) and Richard Hayton (CTO at Trustonic) will explain how trust begins with the silicon provider, passes to the OEMs and goes all the way to the cloud providers. They will showcase how Trustonic’s solution, based on PSA processes and principles, delivers on-device protection for services, apps and data. This delivers device attestation, protection from overproduction, cloning and tampering, supply chain integrity from start to in-field operation and trusted, autonomous cloud enrolment.