Arm User Group Session at SC19

Join us for Arm’s fifth annual HPC User Group session held during SC19 in Denver. Sessions will feature presentations by Arm ecosystem leads, end-users, and ecosystem partners involved in the deployment of Arm servers for HPC.


Mon, Nov 18th
9:00 am – 6:00 pm


Curtis Hotel

1405 Curtis Street, Denver, CO

Marco Polo Ballroom

RSVP Deadline - Mon, Nov 11th

If you have any questions or need to cancel your reservation, please send an email to:  [email protected]


9:00 am - Opening remarks and Arm update

9:20 am - Fugaku

9:40 am - High performance AI training on SVE/A64FX

10:00 am - A64FX SVE evaluation and building up the Arm HPC Ecosystem

10:20 am - From K towards Fugaku, application provisioning on Arm+SVE

10:40 am - Advantage of Arm processors in high energy physics

11:00 am - Isambard / Catalyst activities and results

11:20 am - EPCC / Catalyst activities and results

11:40 am - DiRAC activities and progress in Catalyst

Noon - BREAK

1:00 pm - HPC SIG ecosystem activities

1:20 pm - HPE's on-going work with Arm for HPC

1:40 pm - The next phase of Arm HPC deployments

2:00 pm - NVIDIA CUDA/ML stacks for Arm HPC

2:20 pm - Astra: Experiences scaling Arm to petaflops and beyond

2:40 pm - LANL - TBD

3:00 pm - MVAPICH performance on Arm at scale

3:20 pm - BREAK

3:40 pm - Porting LANL ASC applications to Arm ThunderX2 systems

4:00 pm - Evaluation of Arm Thunder X2 based supercomputer ecosystem

4:20 pm - Project38: Design studies for the future of HPC

4:40 pm - EPI Design update

5:00 pm - Altair on Arm at scale

5:20 pm - Linear Algebra on Arm-based CPUs: From NEON to SVE

5:40 pm - Analysis of 4 applications on Dibona using BSC tools

*You are welcome to attend all or part of the sessions as your schedule allows.

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