Learn about some of the key building blocks needed to develop intelligent machines

Workshop: Get hands-on experience learning how to use the MATRIX Creator to unleash the power of voice recognition

Voice controlled systems are at the forefront of technological innovation today. During this workshop you will be introduced to the MATRIX Creator, a versatile Internet of Things (IoT) development board. It was built with the mission to give everyone a complete, affordable, and user-friendly tool for prototyping and creating the next IoT device.

You will learn how easy it is to deploy Snips’ voice assistant on the MATRIX Creator using the MATRIX Core programming layer in JavaScript, to control various aspects of the MATRIX Creator.


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• Learn more about MATRIX Creator

Tutorial: Learn how to do low-power, deep learning on the OpenMV Cam H7

Deep learning algorithms are gaining popularity in IoT-edge devices due to their human-level accuracy in many tasks, including image classification and speech recognition. This creates increasing interest in deploying neural networks (NNs) on low-power processors found in always-on systems, such as those based on Cortex-M microcontrollers.

This tutorial will show you how to run image classification on an Arm Cortex-M microcontroller using CMSIS-NN, a library of optimized software kernels for running NNs on Cortex-M cores. This demo will take advantage of the flows optimized by OpenMV.


• Alternatively, you can also read the tutorial here
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• Learn more about OpenMV and purchase the OpenMV Cam H7

Tutorial: Discover how to do edge computing everywhere with a solar-powered mobile developer workstation and extreme edge computing box with 96Boards and miniNodes

Learn how to build a solar charging, battery powered, developer platform powered by a 96Boards Arm single board computer with Designer, Gabriel Peterson. With the addition of an LTE and sensor mezzanine, this device is also capable of remotely monitoring environmental conditions.

This platform also contains a miniNodes small carrier board holding 5 Raspberry Pi Computer-on-Modules. These additional compute modules enable you to run small, specialized workloads or containers that can be remotely deployed to the box. This development platform can remotely be managed and updated in all conditions.


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• Learn more about 96Boards
• Learn more about miniNodes

Tutorial: Build an open source pick and place machine with MbientLab

Electronic prototyping time and cost for small businesses and makers is limited by lack of personal access to SMT assembly technology. Affordable PNP machines are available to serve this market, but lack refined, localized and easy to use software.

Open Source software is available, but incompatible with any of these machines. This tutorial explains how to port an existing firmware project for CNC controllers to run on one of these machines.


Explore resources available for you to get started with machine learning development on Arm-based products.

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• Learn more about MbientLabs

Video: Let’s talk about robotics

Learn about the newest advances in robotics with Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DR and Victor Mayoral Vilches, CTO of Acutronic Robotics.



Q&A with industry experts

Watch a Q&A panelist session with technical experts from Google, Xilinx and 3DR to hear about their opinions and thoughts on the future of AI.


Tech talk with Snips

Hear from Dr. Rand Hindi, CEO at voice assistant technology company, Snips, about the power and future of artificial intelligence.


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