The future of compute, reimagined

Arm® DynamIQ technology redefines the multi-core experience from edge to cloud across a secure, common Total Computing platform. It revolutionizes how computing happens, wherever it happens.

Arm CPUs power the incredible experiences in personal devices today, transforming how we work and play. DynamIQ technology takes high-performance, energy-efficient CPUs and creates a whole new foundation for them.

DynamIQ is powering the next wave of innovation through unprecedented design flexibility and more compute processing for intelligent solutions.


Arm DynamIQ redefines multi-core computing

Arm big.LITTLE technology brought heterogeneous computing to the mobile market, revolutionizing the smartphone experience.

Now, our new Arm DynamIQ technology has redefined multi-core computing by combining the big and LITTLE CPUs into a single, fully-integrated cluster with many new and enhanced benefits in power and performance for mobile to infrastructure.

Vision for innovation

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of everything digital around us, from smartphones and buildings to self-driving cars.

As performance demands increase, so does the need for efficiency. Boasting a powerful combination of advanced compute capabilities, flexible design options and smart power-saving features, DynamIQ accelerates innovation of the future.

Intelligence to the core

When more computing takes place on devices, rather than in the cloud, that data is processed faster and more securely. DynamIQ technology has dedicated advanced processing instructions for AI, so more information stays on the device, giving you more privacy and security.

Additionally, DynamIQ can integrate seamlessly with accelerators through a new dedicated port that delivers a significantly quicker response time, enhancing the user experience.

Safety first

Safety is critical – whether it’s cars driving themselves or robots working in the factory.

DynamIQ technology supports safety-critical automotive and industrial systems by allowing for systems to operate safely under failure. With faster responsiveness for safety-critical decision making, DynamIQ delivers uncompromised performance for advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) solutions. This means safer workplaces, roads and cities.

Performance tailored for you

Diversity of minds yields diversity of products. That requires building the right solution for the right market.

DynamIQ is a new single cluster design with a mix of up to 8 different processors that unleashes configuration options never achieved before. This flexibility, combined with performance scalability, enables virtually unlimited design spectrum for a wide range of purpose-built solutions.

Instant response

In a busy world, information needs to be delivered quickly - whether it's in a car or at home, we expect an instant response for all our digital experiences.

DynamIQ has enabled a new framework that allows the CPUs to share the memory sub-system. This significantly lowers latency and improves responsiveness for running applications, delivering a fluid experience across all devices.

Save energy for the things that matter

Whether it’s a battery-powered mobile device or a server solution that is continuously running from a wall socket, power savings is essential.

DynamIQ technology has built-in intelligent power management features to help compute solutions run at optimal efficiency. Fine-tuned CPU speed control, faster power-switching modes (on/sleep/off) and partial memory sub-system power-down – all significantly reduce power consumption for any solution.

Arm DynamIQ technology is the new foundation for smarter, faster, more powerful user experiences for the next generation of intelligent devices. It balances performance and efficiency to deliver scalable solutions, ensuring that safety and security are embedded at the heart.

DynamIQ paves the way for innovations we can only imagine. Get additional information on DynamIQ technology.

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