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Creating your own silicon or SoC has so many benefits - enhancing your product, reducing costs, and improving margins, to name a few. Custom silicon isn’t just for traditional silicon companies though - many OEM and product companies are already reaping these benefits. There is an opportunity for many more – coupling existing power-efficient architectures with mixed-signal technologies.

Although some may view this as risky, difficult, or expensive, it typically isn’t, and Arm and its partners are making custom chips more accessible than ever, with access to lower cost, proven technologies and the design support and expertise needed.

At this seminar we will establish the rationale (technically and financially) for designing your own custom device, as well as show you the right path to make that device a reality. You will hear from, and be able to talk to, Arm and some of our ecosystem partners.

We will be highlighting essential, proven and trusted IP from Arm, enabling you to build in some of the key features required in modern SoCs, such as security and connectivity. In addition, we will showcase Arm's newest IP portfolio and demonstrate how Machine Learning is bringing advanced capabilities to many customer projects.

Who should attend:

CTOs, system architects, engineering and product directors, supply chain managers and engineers who are:

  • Already committed to developing their own system-on-chips, either in house or through a third party
  • Or currently developing with Arm-powered off-the-shelf merchant silicon
  • Or considering developing their own system-on-chips

You will Learn:
  • Why are so many companies commissioning their own custom silicon?
  • When does custom silicon make sense and what costs are involved (you do not have to invest millions of Euros)?
  • How to create a chip to your own specifications even if you do not have IC designers. What help is available?
  • A detailed exploration of design process flow and cost-effective tools for ASIC development
  • Key features of Arm’s latest processor technology, including machine learning
  • How to build in security from the start, to protect your own IP and guard against tampering
  • How to connect and manage IoT devices securely, flexibly and efficiently
  • How to get started with Arm DesignStart – the fastest way to a production license for proven Arm processor IP with $0 up-front fee
    Meet with, and hear from, Arm ecosystem partners:
    • Creative chips – Analogue – mixed signal SoCs from spec to supply.
    • Dream chip – Opening up the complete solution
    • IMEC ic-link - explaining the choice and cost of silicon prototyping and manufacturing
    • CoreHW – looking at how radio and antenna can be designed and added to your product
    • Hitex


    CoreHW was established in 2013 in Tampere, Finland. We are a fabless semiconductor company developing Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits, Analog, Mixed Signal and Digital, RF Front End and Antennas. 
    Imec.IC-link is a division of imec responsible for connecting innovators and entrepreneurs to advanced integrated circuit technologies from the leading international foundries. 
    As an independent medium-sized manufacturer, our focus is on chip design and the production of custom or application-specific semiconductor circuits. High quality standards, delivery reliability and zero error policy, 100% final test in our own test department are appreciated by our customers.
    We are Germany’s largest independent Engineering Service Provider with a cutting edge focus on the development and design of ASICs, SoCs, FPGAs, Embedded Software and discrete Systems.
    Hitex Development Tools enjoys a leading position in supplying innovative software analysis and test tools for the design of embedded systems. Since the eighties, Hitex has been working closely with Keil providing development environments for professional developers. Today Hitex is the leading ARM distributor in Germany.


    Sheraton Hannover Pelikan Hotel

    Pelikanpl. 31,
    30177 Hannover,


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