Industrial enterprises are under pressure to deliver value for IoT and move quickly from experimentation to implementation, with their solutions becoming vital tools that actively contribute to the revenue or efficiency for their business.

A recent study undertaken by the Economist Intelligence Unit showed that key barriers to utilizing IoT included high infrastructure and device development costs and the increased risk associated with securing at-scale networks.

To accelerate this utilization and ease pain points for IoT adopters, Arm is exhibiting end-to-end IoT solutions and highlighting case studies from partners who are successfully scaling their deployments through improved choice and device-to-cloud security.

"Using Arm Mbed Cloud allows us to rapidly scale our IoT Cloud services to suit needs of customers in multiple industrial vertical markets.”

Secure and scalable tracking of assets

56% senior decision makers consider the identity, location and conditions of assets the most strategic outcome from IoT.

Arm Mbed Cloud allows you to efficiently track and manage your assets, regardless of device type or implementation complexity. Built for Industrial IoT, it provides complete control over your operation and benefits from a technology-independent, standards-based cloud architecture, making it easily integrated with current solutions. Read more about Zebra's solutions for asset management in manufacturing in their brief: [Download "5 Ways the Internet of Things Adds Value to Manufacturing and Field Mobility"].

“Zebra EAI solutions are helping identify, locate, track and monitor assets, inventory and people in retail, logistics and healthcare. Our patient flow solution, leverages Arm Mbed cloud to improve patient safety, care compliance, workflow and efficiency - critical important key performance indicators for hospitals.”

Zebra Technologies

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