Changing the Way We Interact with Machines

Earlier this year Arm introduced Project Trillium, a new class of advanced and ultra-efficient machine learning and object detection processors purpose-built to redefine device capabilities.

Use the resources below to learn more about this exciting innovation that can embed intelligence anywhere from the edge device to the cloud.

White Papers

Research Papers

Arm has long been on the cutting edge of research for advanced processing. These research papers on provide technical insights into machine learning capabilities.

View Papers

How Tos

Interested in developing machine learning on an Arm-based system? Have a look at these How Tos to get you started.

ML Developer Ecosystem

The Arm Machine Learning Developer Community is a highly accessible knowledge base for developers working on all types of computing platforms. Visit the community for resources, detailed product information and expertise to help you to tackle ML at the edge.

Survey Reports 

Interested in what the general population thinks about AI? We believe taking a human-centered approach to technology is essential, and that is why Arm has surveyed consumers to understand their perceptions of the technology we, along with our partners, create. Have a look at these recent surveys.

New Electronic Friends

AI Today, AI Tomorrow


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Friend In The Machine

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