Webinar series: simplify software security, enhance performance and implement machine learning

There is no doubt that the next generation of the Internet of Things devices market has exploded, and with that comes the need for microcontrollers to support enhanced security, as well as additional processing power, while further decreasing power consumption.

NXP recently announced the LPC5500 Series of MCUs, based on the Arm Cortex-M33 processor.

Watch this technical webinar series exploring the key highlights of the LPC5500 series range, the advantages that the Armv8-M architecture brings and key tips for software development. Topics include TrustZone security implementation, signal processing with DSP co-processor functionality, and machine learning.

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Available On-demand
Achieving Secure Execution Environments on Resource-Constrained, Low-Power MCUs

Available On-demand
Reaching New Levels of Performance and Signal Processing with Arm® Cortex®-M33’s Co-Processor Interface

Available On-demand
Enabling Industry 4.0 with NXP’s MCU-based Machine Learning Solution for Power-conscious End Nodes

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