Platform Security Architecture (PSA) Smart Door Lock Application Guide Version 2.0

The PSA Smart Door Lock Application Guide examines how to practically design security into a connected device, using PSA guidelines and principles. The guide uses the PSA framework (Analyze, Architect, Implement and Certify), to walk through some of the main steps to achieve a holistic robust security solution for a smart door lock device.

This guide examines

  • How to create effective threat models and security analyses (TMSA) for a target device
  • How to derive accurate security objectives, requirements and counter-measures
  • How to determine the right hardware architectures and security IP necessary to keep assets secure, including options for both the Armv7-M and Armv8-M architecture
  • How to use open source Trusted Firmware-M APIs as a mechanism to isolate security critical functionalities from non-secure code

This is the second version of the application guide, which has been produced in collaboration with Cypress Semiconductor.