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Connected lighting does more than illuminate a space. Data collected from the smart lighting system is used to optimize space utilization, enhance security, and automate ambient control. 

Energy-efficiency, interoperability, and security are some of the key building blocks to a sound smart lighting solution. Our low-power microcontrollers are already in most of the world’s connected lights; the Arm IoT platform further reduces the complexity in device development.

Our latest thinking on smart lighting

Pelion IoT Platform

The Pelion IoT Platform is a flexible, secure, device-to-data platform that enables connectivity, device management and data insights. It’s the smart way to IoT.


Connectivity management
Easy, secure, and cost-effective connection of IoT devices on multiple network standards.

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Device management

Device Management
Secure and reliable onboarding, updating, and lifecycle management of a range of IoT devices.

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Data management
Ingest and integrate IoT device data and enterprise data for predictive insights.

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