Webinar On-demand

Caliper is a program instrumentation and performance measurement framework. It provides a simple to use analysis toolbox in a library, that enables you to insert performance analysis capabilities directly into applications and activate them at runtime.

“A great new feature in Arm Forge MAP is the ability to view user-defined source-code regions using the Caliper library. Caliper provides easy-to-use source-code annotation macros with which developers can mark and name important program regions... With the new Caliper support in Arm Forge Map, our developers can now easily navigate through Arm MAP using these high-level abstractions rather than complex C++ call trees.” – David Boehme, Computer Scientist, LLNL

In this webinar Florent Lebeau Solutions Architect at Arm will examine:

  • How Caliper is intended for use with HPC applications
  • How to gain greater work efficiency by optimizing further
  • How to extract meaningful data by drilling down into code