Webinar On-demand

STM32MP1, the new multi-core device series from STMicroelectronics, ensure fast start-up times and low-power operation in battery-powered systems by combining high-performance Cortex-A7 cores for application software and low-latency Cortex-M4 cores for deterministic real-time I/O.

In this hands-on webinar we will showcase how to port existent Cortex-M4 applications and how to create new microcontroller projects using different boot modes.

In production mode, when OpenSTLinux is running on the master processor Cortex-A7, loading and debugging the Cortex-M4 application with Keil MDK tools is further simplified by debug sequences that ensure the image is loaded and the coprocessor is started automatically.

Debugging Arm Cortex-M4 with ULINK debug adapters provides additional advantages such as code coverage, high-speed tracing and power measurement for testing purposes.

This webinar contains the following:

  • Introduction to the STM32MP1 heterogeneous devices
  • Porting previous Cortex-M4 projects
  •  Interprocessor communication with OpenAMP
  • Debugging Arm Cortex-M4 with MDK and ULINK debug adapters