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Resolving inefficiencies in complex I/O

Filesystem I/O is easily one of the costliest operations any high-performance computing (HPC) application can perform. I/O operations are several orders of magnitude slower than data movement operations in memory, or even on the network. Additionally, the filesystems commonly found in supercomputers and large clusters are inherently a shared resource, so poor I/O performance in a single application can impact the performance of the entire system. Fortunately, the magnitude of this problem is matched by the ease of its solution.

In this webinar, John Linford (Principal Applications Engineer at Arm) demonstrates how to use Arm’s industry-leading performance engineering toolkit – Arm Forge – to identify and resolve common performance issues in complex I/O systems.

Topics covered include:

  • Some of the nuances of optimizing I/O patterns
  • Examples of bad I/O behavior
  • Performance improvements through deeper diagnostics