Webinar On-demand

Why silicon security may be crucial for your next IoT device

For IoT to scale and to make a dramatic impact on our lives, security must be built in from the ground-up and considered from the first day a product is designed. As the IoT world grows and scales, adversaries are exploring innovative and unique ways to compromise devices. This means that devices need to be protected from a broader spectrum of attack vectors, looking beyond software mitigation to physical attacks, which compromise silicon security and are getting easier and cheaper to conduct.

Silicon security can be incredibly complex, but embedded and IoT silicon designers can now take advantage of the principles, resources and IP that Arm provides to help you successfully implement security at the heart of your device.

Join this webinar with Arm security experts to learn:

What is physical security

  • The different ways physical attacks can occur
  • The different approaches to mitigate physical attacks
  • How to determine your device vulnerabilities
  • How to select the most suitable Arm IP for your chip